Sunday, April 24, 2016

Episode # 420

    How long were they kissing for? Ten minutes? A half hour? Longer?
    It was impossible to tell. All Jake could focus on was Eduardo...the younger man's tongue probing playfully, electrically around the inside of Jake's mouth. Their warm bodies pressed hard against each other as they stood outside the front doorway of the B&B, the late-night summer breeze blowing gently off of the harbor. Eduardo's stiff erection was grinding against Jake's own, the thin layers of pants between them barely able to contain the heat being generated.
    Finally, Eduardo pulled back slightly. "We should continue this in my room."
    "Sounds familiar," Jake said, smiling, thinking of the last time Eduardo had invited him back to his room for some late night activity. An invitation that Jake had declined.
    "I mean it this time," Eduardo said sincerely.
    "You didn't last time?"
    "No, I did. It's just..." Eduardo paused, "...different now."
    "I know," Jake took a deep breath. "And...I'm in."

    "Wow. Bear sex is pretty hot," Eduardo said, several hours later as they lay naked on his bed, spent in the warm afterglow of the most energetic sex Jake had had in quite some time.
    "Really?" Jake sighed. "You're gonna' go there?"
    "You don't like being a bear, Jake?"
    "Maybe I don't get it," Jake said, leaning into his pillow. "When I was younger, and a little less heavy...I was just a guy. Now, suddenly...I'm a representative for an entire subculture."
    "So?" Eduardo smirked. "You know how many guys hit on me 'cause they see me as a 'hot latino boi'?"
    "Does that bother you?"
    "Depends on the guy who's hitting on me," Eduardo snickered, stretching his lean, muscular arms upward and placing his hands behind his head.
    "Ha!" Jake laughed, running his fingers along the gently valley between Eduardo's warm pecs, down over his smooth, defined abs until he reached his small mound of well-manicured black pubic hair, now moist with sweat and semen. "I bet you get hit on by hordes of guys, don't you?"
    "I wouldn't call it 'hordes'," Eduardo said, rising up on his right elbow to face Jake. "And most of 'em aren't what you'd expect. Lately, I've been drawing a lot of closeted Tea Party guys, which is just... strange."
    "They must be crushed when you turn them down."
    "Who says I turn 'em down?"
    "Oh, uh..." Jake said, wincing slightly.
    "Just kidding, Jake. Of course I turn 'em down," Eduardo laughed. "I mean...usually..."

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